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Dresden and Surroundings


Because of the unique baroque architecture and amazing art collections Dresden belongs to the world famous cultural centres. Wonderful buildings like Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady), Semper Oper und the Castle determine the face of our city. The large meadows of the Elbe river banks make the city having a relaxed atmosphere.

Some of the great museums you definitely have to visit:

  • The Old Masters Gallery, one of the most extensive collections of european paintings of the 15th - 18th centuries
  • The New Masters Gallery, 19th and 20th centuries painters, modern art
  • The Green Vault. Largest historical jewellery treasur in Europe.

Beside all old buildings, theatres and operas, Dresden has an amazing nightlife. But you won't find it between the old baroque sights.

The real bar hopping area, called Dresden Neustadt, is located on the right side of the river. That's where HOSTEL MONDPALAST is located! More than 130 bars, clubs and restaurants, as well as cinemas, theatres, shops and so on are situated in the quarter.

National Park "Saxon Switzerland"

But Dresden also offers you a beautiful environment. One thing you should not miss is the "National Park Saxon Switzerland". This amazing mountain area is a paradise for climbers und hikers. You can get there easily within 30 minutes by using a suburb train...