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Corona Virus FAQ
Corona Virus FAQ

Corona Hostel FAQ

Can I stay at your hostel?

Yes, there are no longer any restrictions due to the reason for travel. Everyone can stay overnight again, even as a tourist. Dresden is open again!

What information do you collect upon arrival?

In addition to the usual information that we ask for on the registration form (travel data, name, address, birthday, passport number, nationality, signature), we also ask you to provide a telephone number and email address for possible contact tracing.

Do I need a test?

Yes, the 3G rule applies! You have to prove at check-in that you are recovered or vaccinated. If you cannot prove this, you will need a negative rapid test not older than 24 hours or a negative PCR test not older than 48 hours.
If you arrive at a time when there is no test center open, you can buy a test from us for 5€.

Do I have to wear a mask?

We recommend and wish that you wear a mask wherever you meet other guests or employees of the hostel. This applies in particular to the communal areas, i.e. corridors and stairwells and the reception. This also applies to the guest kitchen and the shared bathrooms.
We are however not police and it is not possible for us to constantly check every guest. In the guest kitchen in particular, it is rather difficult to eat with a mask and it is also rather difficult to shower with a mask. Please take responsibility and use your common sense. If you feel like you are getting too close to others without a mask, then avoid them.

How does it work with overnight stays in shared rooms?

We generally assume that you are aware of the risks involved in staying overnight in a shared room. If possible, we distribute the guests so that you have a room just for yourself or for your travel group alone. If the demand gets stronger, we distribute the guests so that as few strangers as possible have to share a room. That always depends on the respective booking situation and availability.

How does it work with the shared showers or the guest kitchen?

We don't regulate it, the different needs of the different guests are too different. We cannot check for compliance with every rule. Please avoid contact with others where possible. If you want to be 100% sure, wear a mask and avoid others.

How is the reception staffed?

The reception is staffed daily from 7am until at least midnight, and longer on weekends.

Is your bar open?

Yes, our bar is open every day. In the morning we serve breakfast and fresh hot drinks, in the afternoon a piece of cake and in the evening the right drink to end the day.

Do you offer breakfast?

Yes, there is a breakfast offer again. Choose the small sweet breakfast or the big breakfast, also in vegan and vegetarian versions. On many days we also offer a breakfast buffet.

  • Free, fast, reliable WiFi in all rooms
  • Rooms with private shower or affordable shared rooms
  • fully equipped guest kitchen for low-cost self-catering
  • 24 hours access to the rooms
  • Overnight stay for only for 1 night is possible
  • Reading lamps and socket for each bed

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